Monday, September 2, 2013

Finding joy in the work

Dumela err'one!

 What a week its been! The most exciting things that happened this week was that Isago and Derby were baptized! They are such wonderful kids. When Elder Ngubane interviewed them he told us that he could tell that they just have this light about them. Its so true. People who have found the gospel truly do have a light in their countenance that you can't have any other way.

 So that was the main exciting thing this week. We had a lot of really funny moments this week too. I'll list a few:

 - For zone meeting our zone leaders had tied scripture references to the legs of a bunch of chickens. Our job was to work as a companionship to catch as many as we could and figure out how the scripture related to companionship unity. It was hilarious. Please be proud. I caught a little chicken and a huge rooster.

- We had an appointment to visit a member's home this week but we had never been there before. So we found it on a map and got there without any troubles. We knocked on the door and a lady answered that we didn't recognize but she welcomed us in like she was expecting us and invited us to sit down and wait. We figured it was just a relative or something and we were waiting for the member to get home or something. After about 5 minutes or so I asked her if Brother Nicolas was coming. "No he lives in the house next to us". Yea. We went to the wrong house. As soon as we got out of the door Sister Scott and I just lost it. We were laughing so hard.

 - The last one I'll talk about was at Adam's house. (p.s. he finally quit smoking!!! He can be baptized at the end of the month!!!!!!!) So at the end of the lesson we asked him if there was anything we could do to help his family. He asked what kinds of things we meant. We told him we could help with dishes or sweeping or washing or anything he needed help with. Then he just started laughing hysterically! The thought of missionaries doing those kinds of things was soo funny to him! And his laughing made me and Sister Scott laugh too. So for probably a full 2 or 3 minutes we just sat there laughing. Adam laughed till he cried in fact. We decided to just close with a prayer in hopes that would calm us down. It sort of did but a couple times in the middle of the prayer he just giggled again. It was so funny. Then as we were walking away we could hear him just keep chuckling. It was just so funny.

 On top of the funny moments this week we had a lot of spiritual moments too. A lady the elders tracted into (who they referred to us to teach)  who said she hates churches and doesn't think God is there came to church and said she felt like something was inside her growing and making her happy in a way she's never felt. We tracted into some miracle people who have obviously been prepared for the gospel. Prayers have been answered in ways I didn't think they would be. And this whole week I have just had this feeling that Heavenly Father is proud of the work we are doing for Monarch and because we have been doing our best, he is preparing exciting things for our path. Its just been a really great week.

 My favorite scripture of the week was Mormon 5: 17-18. The contrast between the way the Christ leads and the way Satan leads is huge. I think I'll stick with Christ as my leader.

 Well I'm about out of time. Thank you again for he prayers. I know I say that every week but its as true today as it is every other week. I love you!

 Love, Sister Gehring
ISAGO AND DERBY GOT BAPTIZED! Derby is the taller one. He is 13. Isago is the shorter one. She is 9. 

This is us all with their mom Pontsho. 
Derby, Pontsho, Isago----- Pretty much the cutest family ever!
President Billy Mabote ( the group leader), Elder Ngubane, Derby, Pontsho, Isago, Elder Stegelmeier, me, Sister Scott, Sister Graves, Sister Lyon.

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