Monday, September 9, 2013

Kind of a hard week

Well hello again!

 I'm just going to start off by apologizing that this email is going to be pretty short. The computer in the internet café I'm in is not working very well and the keyboard is terrible. So I'll keep this short.

 Well like I said it was sort of a rough week. Like 70% of our lessons fell through, and we did a lot of unsuccessful tracting. Plus this week its felt like we are not making the kind of difference we need to make. I don't really know how to explain it. Its like the group needs us to be there to strengthen it, our investigators need us to be there to strengthen them, the less-actives need us to be there to strengthen them. We are running out of strength. We have been fasting and praying and not much is changing. In fact this week it kind of feels like we are getting in farther and farther over our heads. This week has been a pretty big trial of my faith. I'm trying really hard to not get discouraged but its pretty rough.

 It wasn't all bad though. I finished the Book of Mormon and was able to feel the truthfulness of it all over again. If there is anyone who is reading this who has not read the Book of Mormon, you really should. It truly can answer any question you will ever have, it will help you get through any trial, it will give you strength when you don't have any and it will bring you greater peace than anything else can. It is true.

 Also this week we had interviews with President Wilson. He gave me some pretty great advice and encouragement. It was really helpful.

 Other than that really not much happened though. I spoke in sacrament meeting about service, My companion and I had to take over primary cause only like 32 people weren't church on Sunday and none of them would help out. A few of our investigators are still doing great! Adam, Gosego, and Dikeledi are all getting baptized in the next few weeks. So I'm excited about that.

 My favorite scripture this week was Alma 37: 6-7. That might have been my favorite a few weeks ago too. I can't remember. But it just helped me realize that no matter how small of a difference I feel like I'm making, its still valuable to God.

 Well I can't stand this keyboard anymore. Sorry this was so short. It was a rough week but I'm doing ok. P-day is definitely greatly welcomed and I'm looking forward to a better upcoming week!

 Lots of love,
Sister Gehring

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