Monday, September 16, 2013

The Story of the Rats...

Dumela family!

 I just want to start off by saying that this was a MUCH better week so thank you so much for the prayers. They surely did help.

 This week was not super eventful but it was very good. We were finally able to teach a lot of lessons again and Gosego and Dikeledi got baptized!!!!! (the computer I'm on is pretty slow so I'll try to send the pictures next week) The baptism was so great. 4 people were baptized and they were all so excited. I never really know what to say about baptisms other than that they are great. Its just so cool to see people you love so much receive those saving ordinances. It really does bring joy.

 Other than that there really weren't too many other notable things. I did have few interesting lessons this week though. One in particular I think you'd get a kick out of.

So here it is.

The story of the rats: Once upon a time we were teaching a less active guy named Bryson. He lives in an area where we actually technically aren't supposed to go cause its completely surrounded by super sketchy bars. Plus its just super run down anyways. But its for the cause of the gospel so we went anyways. So we were in his front room. I was on one chair with my back to the fireplace and my companion was on a chair across from me and he was on the couch between us  (don't worry. there was a woman in the house). I was going along with the lesson and it was all fine and dandy when all of a sudden Sister Scott got this look of terror on her face. Seriously I thought someone was standing behind me with an ax or something. But I just continued on. The whole rest of the lesson my companion just sat there in silence with a look of death on her face and I had to teach by myself. So we ended things and my companion booked it out of there. We got back in the car and I asked her what the heck happened. Well turns out the whole time I was teaching, rats were pouring out of the fireplace behind me. She said she counted like 30 or more of them. They were running around behind me and between the legs of my chair. And I was completely oblivious. But that's probably for the better. I don't know how well I would have handled that.

 That really is about all the noteworthy things that happened this week. We just taught a lot. It was great actually. Our investigators are still doing great and Sister Scott is still doing great. One thing that we have been doing this week and I plan on continuing for the rest of mission is something that President Wilson suggested we do. Every day we look back on what happened and write down at least one way the spirit guided us. It really puts things into perspective. It makes us realize how much the Lord truly is in charge of the work. At first it was kind of hard to pin-point specific things but the more we do it the more easy it is to recognize the help we receive.

 One miracle that happened this week is that I was able to use the Bible to answer a woman's questions. I know that might not sound miraculous but it was. I don't know the Bible very well. At all. But somehow this week in a lesson we were teaching, I kept being able to pull out these scriptures that answered her questions exactly. I had no idea where they were coming from! And even crazier, I can't find them again. It was amazing to see how I could be helped so much in a situation where I really needed it.

My favorite scripture from the week is Matthew 10:34. I liked it because it showed me that while Christ was and is the prince of peace, he also came to shake things up. I hope that makes sense...

Well  love you all so much. Botswana is treating me well and I come to love it more and more every day. (even if its starting to get so hot its hard to breathe)

 Have a great week!
Love, Sister Gehring


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  1. Kudos to Sister Scott for having the composure to sit quietly while you finished the lesson, even though all those rats where running around!