Monday, September 23, 2013

Teaching til we can't teach no more!

Hello hello hello!
Well this was another incredible week in good ol' Botswana. Not a whole lot happened other than an incredible amount of teaching. Its such a testimony builder to me that if we push through the hard weeks, Heavenly Father will bless us. After the really hard time we had a few weeks ago things have definitely picked up. Only a couple appointments every day fell through and we had a couple days where not a single person canceled. If you have ever been a missionary you'll know how miraculous that is.
Really not much else happened. I have been racking my brain to try to think about funny or interesting things that happened this week and I just cant think of any. We just taught all day every day. I'm exhausted from it but its the best tired I've ever been! I am just really happy about it.
We did have a bit of a scary experience this week though. We found out that a family we just started teaching are all actually convicted criminals who have targeted LDS missionaries in the past. They act interested and let the missionaries come. Then during a lesson they'll steal everything they have. And in some cases they assault them. Luckily before a anything happened to us, a member saw us at their house and warned us. They wait to do it till all the previous missionaries have gone so the new ones are clueless again. But they they target other people also. I'm just so grateful that nothing happened. Once again it just makes me realize how much Heavenly Father is watching out for me.
A kind of hard thing this week was that we had to cancel Adam's baptism. He was scheduled to be baptized this coming Saturday but now we aren't sure when he'll be baptized. Its not that he did anything wrong. He is still doing great. He told us that he loves the church, knows its true and he never wants to leave it. But he doesn't feel like he is ready to be baptized. We found out that he and his wife are getting a divorce. I won't get into all the details but basically to put it like they did... "There is no peace in the home" . Adam understands that baptism is a huge commitment and that it is a serious covenant so he told us that he wants to wait till the divorce is cleared before he enters that covenant. So that was hard. We want to see him baptized because we know how much of a blessing it would be but we need to respect his agency. Luckily he is still completely committed to the church and he will still be able to progress.
Well that is about all for this week. Just a great week full great things. Sister Scott and I have been really working on improving our companionship unity and teaching according to the spirit. Not teaching routine memorized lessons but really teaching according to the promptings of the spirit. It has helped so much. Not only have we been teaching more, but the quality of our teaching has improved so much. And we have been able to see how many blessings are coming from that. My testimony has grown too. As I have testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and other gospel principles, I can feel the spirit testifying of what I am saying. It then helps me know that what I am teaching really is true. This really is the true church. There is just no way it couldn't be. I don't say any of this to try and say I am this amazing missionary. I have a whole lot I need to improve on. But I just say it to show how much Heavenly Father truly does take care of His missionaries.
My favorite scripture of the week is Abraham 2:16. It made me want to make eternity my covering, my rock, and my salvation as well. It just really hit me how having an eternal perspective really will make a difference.
Well I love you so much. Take care and have a wonderful week!!
Love, Sister Gehring 


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