Monday, July 21, 2014

Muli Bwanji!

Muli Bwanji!

This week was pretty busy but it went by super slow for some reason. I feel like it was 3 weeks long. Last Monday seems like ages ago. But it was a good week.

This whole having a car things is super convenient but sometimes it causes problems. We got a crack in the wind shield one day so we had to go get it fixed. The day before that we had to get our tires changed. The man at the tire place recommended a specific window repair place so we figured that was a good place to try. Well we tried to find it and it was super far away in a super sketchy part of town. So we asked Elder Allred and Elder Hill (our zone leaders) to go with us so we didn't die. Its a good thing too. That place was crazy. But the window was fixed and everything turned out fine. The guy that fixed the window even knew about the church! When we asked him if he had ever heard about the church before he said ''Of course! I'm even friends with Gordon B. Hinckley on facebook!'' It was hilarous.

We met another hilarious guy a different day. He told us that he had just gotten out of confinement for schizophrenia. We had a wonderful conversation with him. I love all the interesting people you meet on mission.

Some other awesome news is that I got to go to a chiropractor! One of the volunteers from the orphanage is a chiropractor and he gave all the missionaries free adjustments! It was awesome. I felt so great after.

We also had a really cool activity at the church this weekend. It was a missionary activity for the youth. A lot of people came and everyone had a really good time. We played games, had a scripture quiz thing, watched some mormon messages, and just basically tried to get everyone excited about the gospel. I think it really worked. It made me feel like a normal person again! We played the games with the youth and we participated the the scripture quiz. I felt like I was at a mutual activity. It was great!

Yesterday was wonderful too. One of the people I have been teaching ever since I was with SIster Vea finally came to church!! Her name is Violet and she is powerful. She loves the Book of Mormon, has prayed and knows everything we have taught is true. The only thing keeping her back from being baptized is that the person she stays with wouldn't let her come to church. But this week, she was finally able to come!!!!! We were so excited. If she is able to keep coming she is getting baptized on 10 August. 

Then yesterday night we (all 6 missionaries in the Lusaka branch) got to go to dinner at the relief society president's house. While we were waiting for her to finish cooking we were singing hymns. Right in the middle of the song ''The Lord is My Light'' the power went off. It was pretty ironic. They didn't come back on for a while so we just kept singing. It was actually pretty cool. There are some really great missionaries in my district. I'm going to be really sad if I get transferred anytime soon.

Well thats about all for this week. I'm still happy and healthy and my companion is still great. As of next week Monday, I will have been in Lusaka for 6 months. Time is going so fast!~I feel like I just got here! 

I love you lotsa!

Love, Sister Gehring

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