Monday, July 7, 2014

Alma 32:21 & Ether 12:6

Dear Family,

I think for the first time in my life, even after hearing it hundreds of times, I actually understand what Alma 32:21 means. I thought I understood what it meant before but I realized this week that I didn't. I think it was the hope part that I wasn't clear about. I knew what it meant that faith is not a perfect knowledge. But the part about hope is the part I learned this week. I learned it like this: We had another kind of hard week. It was an amazing week (I'll tell you why in a bit) but it was hard. It feels like the harder we work, the harder Satan works against us. From the time we made the goal to have 6 baptisms by the end of July until this week we consistently had 6 people in mind who we thought could be converted by then. It wasn't always the same 6 people but there was constantly 6 people. But that all pretty much dropped this week. We now are down to maybe 3. And that is just maybe. But Sister Fokoto and I are completely sure that Heavenly Father confirmed to us that He had prepared 6 people for us. At this point we absolutely cannot see how it is going to happen. But we are hoping for it! We can't see it but we have that hope and we know, because it was confirmed to us by Heavenly Father, that it is true. That's what it means. It means that even when you have no idea how things will work out, you know they will. It means that you have to trust the we as humans see only a very tiny portion of what Heavenly Father sees. But that its ok. Because we don't need to see to keep going.

And that's where Ether 12:6 comes in. We won't be allowed to see until after our faith has been tested. That is definitely the point we are in at this point- the testing period. And we just need to have the faith to know that if we stay faithful, the lord will give us that ''witness." Its a pretty simple lesson. I'm not sure why its taken me 21 years to "figure" it out. But its profound for me at this point in my life so I am thankful that I did learn it.

So yea, like I said it was a bit of a hard week just because we are facing a lot of opposition but it was amazing because of what I learned. We had MLC (mission leadership council) again this week. It was probably 2 of the most spiritually uplifting days of my life. It was amazing. Everything we talked about seemed to speak directly to me. We talked about how the opposition we face is to be expected because Satan knows how important the work we are doing is. My favorite part was the testimony meeting we had. There is no doubt in my mind that my mission president is inspired of God. I also have no doubt that I am supposed to be in this mission at this time.

Some exciting news of the week is that Sister Scott is being transferred here!!!!!! She's been in Malawi since January and now she is being moved to Lusaka!!! She will be in a different branch but she'll be staying in our flat till they find one closer to her area. I'm so excited to see her again!

Well thats about all I have for this week. Happy belated 4th of July! We didn't do anything exciting but I trust you all had enough fun for me too. I love you all so much! Have a good week!

Love, Sister Gehring
My zone leader took this photo at the Mothers Without Borders orphanage. Its the one our branch president is in charge of.  The girls in front were posing for the picture, but in the background, a little girl named Precious was "doing the hair" of another little girl. I laughed pretty hard when he showed this to me

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