Monday, January 13, 2014


Dear Family!

Dumela! Well this week was a lot better than last week. I feel a million times better than I did. I still get tired really easily and I had to take a nap after church on Sunday but other than that, I'm just dandy! 

Most of this week was spent doing 2 things: Service and tracting. We have done so many people's lawns in the past week we are thinking about making it a business. Its been great to help the members and they have really really appreciated the help. Plus its been nice to take a bit of a break from the proscelyting missionary work. 

But mostly we have been tracting and tracting and tracting some more. With minimal success. Its a bit discouraging at times but its ok. We have met a lot of really really friendly people but nobody is interested! It definitely makes me appreciate Bots a lot more. There, everyone and their dog would let us in. Here, nobody, especially the dogs, will let us teach them. Now I know how most of the rest of the missionaries in the world feel! I was spoiled my first 7 months. This next week looks about the same- lots of knocking. But hopefully we will do more finding.

Something pretty incredible happened yesterday though. We actually had 3 appointments that we were really excited about so we decided to bring a member teaching with us. Sadly, all 3 of the lessons canceled. So Nuku (the member) was a great sport and she came tracting with us! We did a whole street and only 1 person was interested so were trying to figure out where to go next. Nuku told us she had a few friends who stayed nearby so for the rest of the afternoon she showed us where every single one of her friends who live in our area stay and she introduced us to them! It was incredible! She was fearless! I wish I had the courage to do that in high school! At one point we drove past a big group of guys playing soccer. She recognized a few of them from her class so we pulled over went and talked to them. They were willing to stop their game to listen to us! It was amazing! She is 16 years old and she is already more of a missionary than I ever was back home. I learned a lot from her in the few hours we were together. 

Well thats about it this week. Sorry I haven't had much to report these past weeks. The work is just moving slowly right now. BUT! There were 101 people at church this sunday!!!!!! Thats a significant amount more than Mafikeng has ever had! Ever! So the work is moving along but its just moving slowly. 

Well I love you all so much. Thanks so much for the support and prayers! I say that all the time but I really do mean it.

Love, Sister Gehring

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