Monday, January 6, 2014

Not much to report...

Hello everyone!


Just to start off, I only have a couple minutes to email today because the internet café is closing soon so this might be pretty short. Sorry! But it was a pretty uneventful week anyway so its ok.


Most of this week I spent down. I was sick again. I think I mentioned it in last week's email. It got pretty bad near the middle of the week but I am doing a lot better now. Tons actually. I actually feel like myself again! Which is nice after a long time of not feeling like myself. I don't know why I get sick so much here. Its really frustrating. But we went to the doctor and he gave me some tips that I am going to try that I hope will help me stay healthy.


There were 2 main highlights of the week: New year's and a lesson we taught on Sunday.


For new years we didn't do anything super exciting or anything but it was still good. We weren't allowed to tract and I was too sick to really do much else but we had a really good zone meeting in the morning. Then in the evening all the missionaries had dinner together. It was nice to just be with them. Then from then till midnight all the sisters laid outside in our front yard with blankets and we watched the stars and the fireworks from the neighbors. It was a good way to welcome the new year! Its crazy to think that its 2014! AAhh!


The other highlight was a lesson we taught to a family in the branch on Sunday. The father is the 1st counselor in the branch presidency but the wife hasn't been to church in a while so we have been working with them over the past few weeks. In the past they haven't necessarily been reluctant to the lessons but they just haven't been very open with us. But that was all different yesterday. The whole family just really opened up to us and shared a lot of their concerns. Its great because now we can start helping them grow and progress. Plus they had a LOT of really really great questions. Missionaries LOVE questions. It helps us know that people are actually thinking about what we teach them. And they had a lot. And amazingly enough, the questions they had led perfectly into the lesson we had already planned to teach them. We were then able to help them make goals that related exactly to what they need. It was just perfect!


Well that's about all there is to report this week. It was a hard week but I learned a lot I am excited to move forward. Happy new year to you all! I love you so much!!!


Love, Sister Gehring

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