Monday, January 20, 2014

Miracles, borders, and lots of people...

Dumela to ya!

This week sure was eventful! I hope I can fit everything in! 

So the beginning of the week was actually pretty slow. Just lot of tracting. Not much success. But hopefully some of the people will start progressing soon. It was mostly later this week that was eventful. It mostly started on friday. After district meeting one of the elders told me and Sister Twongeirwe that we had to leave right then to go to the border of SA and Bots. We were going to try and get us back in to Bots and hopefully start our residency papers again!  I was so excited. Apparently it worked with one of the other Elders. The granted him 65 extra days in Bots. So we drove all the way to the border, got through the SA side just fine and we were at the Bots side. We tried to request for 80 days in the country but we were willing to get fewer. Much to our dissmay, though, they only gave us 4. Four days and thats it. So we decided to just go back to SA. We crossed the border and went up to a town just north of the border and met up with some missionaries there for a few minutes but then we just went back to SA. It was awesome to be back in Bots for a few minutes but sad that it couldnt be for longer. So now Im back in Mafikeng with not a high likelihood of going back to Botswana in the near future. 

On the way back though, I was almost in a really really bad car accident.  I was driving and we were going down a dirt road. The elders were in front of us in a baakie (truck). They hit a bump but they were fine. I hit the bump and our dinky little car didnt handle it well. Once our back tires got off the bump we started skidding like we were on ice sort of. I lost control of the car for about the length of 1/2 a football field. Our car was spinning and going crazy. I legitimately thought I was going to die. At one point the car started to tip over. But right as we were about to start rolling, both Sister Two and I (we were the only ones in the car) both literally felt someone catch the car and lift it back into place. Immediately I had control of the car again. It was the biggest miracle. Even the Elders said that they were watching out of their rear mirrors and it made no sense how we got out of that. We pulled over and made sure everyone was ok and we were. We were both completely fine and the car was fine. But that night I couldnt sleep. The whole thing kept playing over and over in my mind. So I got up and started reading the scriptures. I just opened up to a random place and started reading. It was in the war chapters of Alma. Chapter 58 verses 33-37.  It basically told me that sometimes we dont always understand why things happen to us. We just have to trust that it Heavenly Father is in charge. After that I was able to sleep and I was able to know that I really was protected for a reason. Im not telling you this so you will worry. Im just telling you so you know how much Heavenly Father is watching out for me.

The next day was Saturday. There was a Relief Society enrichment meeting that was amazing! We had a lunch and learned about eating healthy. There were 2 investigators there and 2 less active members who we have been working with! I guess I dont really know what else to say about it but it was just really exciting to have so many people there. 

Then on Sunday church was great as usual. But it was the fireside after church that made the day incredible. It was a fireside that we put on as missionaries about how the members can share the gospel. We were expecting maybe 30- 40 people to show up. guess how many came... 70!!! 70 people came! It was great. Thats almost as many as we have at church on Sunday! It was great! I guess I don't have much to say about that either. Again, just that it was amazing.

After church we got to teach a family in the branch about the story of Nephi going to get the brass plates. They had a lot of questions about it so we decided that it would be easier to just act it out. So we did! SIster Clifford was Nephi, Sister Anderson was Laban, and I was Zoram. It was a ton of fun. And It really really helped the family to all understand it! 

Well I'm out of time. I love you all so much! Take care! Talk to you next week!

Love, Sister Gehring

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