Monday, September 15, 2014

The field is white

Dear family,
This week has been pretty awesome. I don't think I have ever met so many prepared people! The lord is blessing us! here are just a few of the awesome people we have met/taught this week.
1. Andrew. We just contacted him on the street and gave him a pass along card. It had some questions on the back like ''What is my purpose in life?'' ''What happens to us when we die?'' etc. He seemed interested but only slightly. But he agreed to let us go see him. When we got to his house he'd read and pondered about the pass along card! He'd gone over the questions and pondered the answers. We asked him how he felt about them or if he had any questions. He said ''Well I don't want to preach to you guys but can I tell you what my thoughts are about our life after death?'' Of course we told him yes so he went on, ''I know that we are made up of 2 things- and spirit and a physical body. When we die our body stays here and our spirit goes to a place. Something like a spirit world. I think there are probably 2 divisions of the spirit world. A happy place- sort of like a paradise- for the good people. And a hell type place- something more like a prison- for the bad place. But we don't stay there forever. We are just waiting there till Christ comes again. And when he comes again, all of us will be resurrected. I'm not sure what comes after that. But thats what I know. But Im' worried. I'm afraid of going to that prison place. How can I prepare myself to meet God again?'' I'm pretty sure I didn't speak for a long time after he stopped talking. HOW THE HECK DID HE KNOW ALL THAT??? That was like straight out of the Book of Mormon!!! He's never been taught before, we didn't give him a plan or salvation pamphlet or anything. He's just so so so prepared!!!! We are so excited to keep teaching him. He is one of the most golden people we have ever talked to. It was incredible!
2. Barbra. We met her last week but we were finally able to see her on Tuesday. She was another one that didn't seem initially too interested but she let us come. We started talking to her and trying to get to know her a little. She wasn't being too responsive though. She was nice but we weren't really being able to discern what we should teach. But then she said that she wanted to better understand her relationship with Christ. That morning during personal study I'd read Alma chapter 7. We hadn't introduced the Book of Mormon yet but I felt prompted to share that with her. So we did. Me and sister Sempa both noticed it- as she read the verses about the Atonement, this peaceful smile slowly came on her face. She still didn't say much but you could tell the spirit was working with her. After that, Sister Sempa explained that to thank Jesus Christ, we can be baptized to show we want to follow him. She accepted a baptismal date in October and she was even happier after that. She is married with 6 kids and the next time we go we are planning on teaching the entire family!
3. Haanamwiing. Yes that's really his name. I'm still struggling to pronounce it. But he is awesome too. The other sisters met him a while back but he stays in our area so we met him this week. We only got to spend about 10 minutes with him but just from that we can already tell he is so prepared. He belongs to a different church but he said he is putting the church ''on pause'' so he can look into other churches because he feels like his current church isn't practicing what they preach. But so far none of the other churches he has looked into satisfied what he is looking for. We are excited to go back and share the restoration with him. The true church is here!
4. Gift and Melvin. This one is bittersweet. We met them by a miracle. A few days ago a drunk guy called us over to him. Usually I avoid those situations but for some reason we decided to just go see what he wanted. Turns out he wanted us to ''share with him the word of God'' So we taught him a quick lesson and he even invited us to come to his home and meet his family. So on Sunday we went to go see him and he was drunk again. But there were some other guys at the house doing some reconstruction. We invited them to join and we taught the whole group. By the end of the lesson they all realized that their childhood baptisms weren't correct and they want to baptized by proper authority!! But here's the bittersweet part- they stay in another city... So sad! But the church is there and we gave their info to the other missionaries so hopefully they get baptized!
So yea, our whole week was filled with awesome moments like that. Sister Sempa is doing a lot better. Hard work- that's the cure for any missionary problems. When you work hard, the other stuff doesn't seem that bad.

Here's one other awesome moment. On Sunday I was asked to give a talk along with one other Sister missionary and 2 members. They told us to pray about it and decide for ourselves what to speak about. 3 out of the 4 of us (me, the other missionary, and one of the members) all were prompted to speak about overcoming trials. And several people came up to us afterward and told us how much they needed that message in their lives right now. The spirit really works!

WelI love you so much. have a great week! Talk to you next time!
Love, Sister Gehring

p.s. Sister Mudenda says hi.

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