Monday, September 22, 2014

Im out of ideas for subject lines

Dear family,
I always have a hard time knowing how to start my emails. I feel like I always have a lot to say but I usually sit here for like 5 minutes just looking at the screen trying to figure out where to begin.

But I guess today I'll begin with a joke.
Who is a penguin's favourite auntie?
Aunt- Arctica!!! hahahaha
Ok just kidding. I know it wasn't that funny. But someone told it to us this week so I thought I'd share.

Anyways, this week was pretty cool. The highlight of the week was Andrew! He's the one I told you about last week. He is progressing so so well! We taught him the plan of salvation and after the lesson he texted us and said ''I just want to thank you for the words you shared. The words have touched me. You don't know what you have done in my life. God bless you''. We also gave him the restoration pamphlet during that lesson and asked him to read it before the next lesson. And he did! Actually he did more than read- he took detailed notes! When we asked him what he learned, he taught us perfectly, in great detail, the entire restoration of the gospel. Everything from Christ establishing his church, to the priesthood, to the apostacy, to Joseph Smith... everything! This guy is seriously just awesome. Then we invited him to a branch fireside on Saturday and told him he could even bring a friend. And guess what.. he did both!! Then they both came to church on Sunday!!! Andrew is on date to be baptized on 5 October and we are starting to teach his friend this week.

I love seeing people like Andrew who understand the gospel and act upon it. We are teaching another guy who is the opposite. He understands everything we teach but he refuses to change or act upon the message. Its so frustrating!

I think the biggest lesson I learned this week was about prayer and how powerful it is. I read an article in the Liahona  about a boy who invited his friend to church but the friend wasnt sure if he could come. So the boy prayed with all his heart that his friend would come. And then he did! It was meant for kids I think but it really touched me. I decided to try the same thing with Andrew. We had invited him to the fireside but he wasn't sure if he was going to make it because he thought he might have to work. I prayed so hard that he would come. I seriously put my whole heart into it. And I put as much sincerity as I could with as much faith as I could muster. and the prayer was answered. It might seem like a small thing but it was a big moment for me.

But it wasn't just with Andrew that my prayers have been answered. With Sister Sempa struggling so much (she was having a hard time again this week), I have had to rely a LOT on prayer. Because Heavenly Father is the only one who fully understands the situation. I have asked Him to give me the right words to say, and He has. I have asked Him to comfort Sister Sempa, and He has. I have asked Him to help me be strong, and He has. These past few weeks have made me realize just how aware God is of us. Its hard to explain everything I am feeling and learning here. Impossible actually. Its just the best.

One fun thing of the week is that I was given a Bemba name! We met a lady who told us to call her Auntie Jenny (yes I did tell her that I have an Aunt Jenny at home). When I told her my name she couldnt pronounce it. So she gave me a Bemba one! My Bemba name is Mapalo. It means blessings. Bemba is a pretty cool language.

Well thats about all I have this week. Sorry I didn't send pictures again. The computers here are just too slow. So I might not get to again before I come home. After this I only have 2 more P-days. CRAZY!!!!!

 I love you all! have a happy week!
Love, Sister Gehring

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