Monday, November 11, 2013

Big transfers and Big news!!

Termite dirt anyone?
Dumela family!

Well I have huge news that it seems like you have already all found out about... So ill save it for the end!
Well this week was really weird. It has not consisted of as much teaching as I would have liked. To start off, there was a nation wide campaign to eradicate measles in Botswana. So for the entire day on Tuesday we went around and knocked on every door in Monarch (with the help of members) to inform everyone and tell them to take their kids to the clinics. It was fun to help out but it was super hot that day and we were soo tired when we got home. Plus it means that we didn't get to do any teaching. Also this week we spent half day on Thursday and Saturday helping missionaries move. We think the missionaries were targeted by someone because 2 missionary flats were broken into, 5 companionships got their phones stolen, and the chapel was broken into. All within like 2 weeks. Luckily I was not included in any of those. But to try and prevent further problems, our mission president had us move people around. So that took up another huge chunk of the week. Then the rest of the time, appointment after appointment fell through again this week. Me and Sister Scott aren't sure what to do. We feel like we are working our hardest but its just been rough. Hopefully with the start of this new transfer things will start to improve.

The lessons we did teach went really well though. Especially one with Gosego. We are going around teahing everyone (all members) about the sacrament. The lesson we had with her about it went super well. We talked with her about how the sacrament is a way to renew the promises we made at baptism. When we were talking about the promise we make to take the name of Christ upon ourselves the spirit was so strong. Anybody could have felt it. I don't know exactly what she was thinking but she got emotional about that part. I know for me it strengthened my testimony that taking the name of Christ can be taken literally. It means we do everything we possibly can to live as He did and do what He did. Its easier for me now because I am completely devoting all my time to His work. But it made me want to make sure that I continue even after I'm home.

Well because not much else happened this week... Time for the big news....

I'm being transferred to South Africa.... AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, for years and years, South Africa has been strictly forbidden to sister missionaries. Its just too dangerous for us. Well my mission consists of all of Botswana, all of Namibia, and a tiny sliver of South Africa. I am being transferred to that tiny sliver. Its a place called Mafikeng. I got a call from my mission president on Friday. He told me that with transfers coming up he had a special assignment for me. Last time I got a "special assignment" I was called to be a trainer. So I thought that might be the case again. Nope. He told me that my special assignment was to open a new area. That alone made me nervous. Opening a new area means you go to a place where there currently or in the past there have not been missionaries. Then he told me what area I would be opening. Mafikeng. South Africa. I am literally re-opening an entire country to sister missionaries. As far as I know, I will be in a three- some with two other sisters and we will be the only sister missionaries in the entire country.

He told me that this is a really sacred trust from the Lord. My mission president had to approve this with The First Presidency and the 12 Apostles. They prayed specifically and approved us three sisters to open this area. Honestly, I'm terrified. I think its just the unknown. But at the same time, I am so so so excited. This is such an incredible opportunity! The Johannesberg mission had been trying to approve sisters to come back to South Africa for a long time but it was always rejected by the 12 Apostles. But for some reason, this is the right time and we are the right 3. So as nervous as I am, I am so excited.

We will be driving down to Gabs straight after emailing today. From there I am not sure what all is going to happen. I'll definitely keep you updated in the coming weeks. I am super sad to leave Monarch though. It was waaay harder to leave here than it was to leave Broadhurst. I completely feel like this is the right thing and that Mafikeng is truly where I am supposed to be now but Monarch holds a really huge chunk of my heart. I was way closer to the members here, I was way closer to the investigators, I was way closer to the other missionaries here, just everything. It has been super hard to say goodbye to people. So so hard. I was able to hold it together in front of everyone but there have been quite a few tears shed behind the scenes. Monarch truly felt like home to me. It was a hard area. No doubt. But it was incredible. I don't know how much of a difference I made there, but Monarch sure has made a difference to me. I have grown so much serving here. Its definitely set the bar for all my future areas. Its going to be pretty hard to measure up to how much I love Monarch. Another sad thing is that Ishmael Adam has been out of town for 3 weeks now. So I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him. It makes me really sad. But luckily I was able to say bye to everyone else I wanted to say bye to. I have pictures of everyone but the computer is being dumb and only let me send that one. I'll send them as I can.

Well that's the big news for this week. And its pretty huge. But exciting things are ahead for me! My favorite quote of the week was from Kabo. He is a member of the Monarch group and he leaves for the Sierra Leone Freetown mission this Thursday. So his farewell talk was this Sunday. He quoted Ann Dibbs and said "I'm a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it." But then he said " And I'd like to urge each of us to add just one more. I PROVE it." I just loved that a lot. I'm so proud of him too. He is going to be a really great missionary.

My favorite scripture of the week is D&C 4:1. With the exciting things ahead of me I really do feel like a marvelous work is about to come forth.

Well I love you so much. Thank you again for all the prayers you are sending my way. Keep 'em comin'. I'll need them. I hope you have a great week!!!

Lots of love,

Sister Gehring

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