Monday, November 4, 2013

Eventfully uneventful week...

Dearest family,
Welp this week was kind of weird. I feel like a ton happened but at the same time, not much happened at all. Here's why: In terms of missionary work not much happened. In fact its been kind of a discouraging week in terms of the work. Sister Scott and I have been trying really really hard this transfer to become more effective missionaries. We have been trying to really apply all the guidance in Preach My Gospel and we have been trying really hard to do what the Spirit directs. We have been learning a lot and improving a lot. But recently it kind of feels like our area is falling apart. We have been doing a lot of finding but nothing is coming of it. TONS of people have been canceling on us. Like 7 out of 10 people every single day. And even people who we have been working with for a long time seem to be slipping away! Ishmael Adam has missed church for 2 weeks in a row now. He hadn't missed a single Sunday since when I got here in July and now all of a sudden he's missing. People who seemed to be progressing really well all of a sudden told us they don't want us to see them anymore. Its just been rough. and on top of it all, like 75% of the members are going less active. And it falls on us to get them to come back.  We are trying to stay positive but its been hard. Prayers would be fantastic.
We did do some fun things this week though! Dikeledi taught us how to make magwinya. Its this fried bread stuff. Its super delicious. We made it in her traditional Botswana kitchen( a mud hut with a fire in the middle) which was super cool. I'll send pictures of it when I can. The computers have been a matata lately.
We also celebrated Halloween! Botswana does not celebrate it so Sister Scott and I celebrated by ourselves. We switched nametags for the day and bought some candy from a street vendor. It wasn't much but we still had fun!
Also I survived 3 dog attacks this week! (well 3 almost attacks) I guess I never technically got attacked but I still narrowly escaped death!!!!!!!!!! Ok so the dogs mostly just barked angrily and chased me but I was still scared out of my mind! Sister Scott is looking into finding me some dog repellant. They have just been out to get me this week!
I have three new names to add to my list of mispronunciations. Are you ready? They are pretty great. I have now been called...
Sister Grainham
Sister Chairiling
Sister Gurthing

I have no idea where they get these things. I never thought Gehring was all that difficult... But it sure does make for some good laughs!
I have a favorite quote from the week too. Isago (the 9 year old that got baptized in August) said this. We were teaching her and Derby about fasting for fast sunday. Before we did we asked them if they knew what fasting was. She got very excited and raised her hand. "I know! Fasting is when you do something very quickly!" Oh man it was so cute! She was so proud of her answer. We explained that she was exactly right but that at church sometimes it means something a little different.
My favorite scripture of the week was Luke 16: 19-31. Especially verse 31. It just shows that if you don't have faith, nothing will be enough.
Well sorry the beginning of the letter was kind of sad. I promise I really am ok. Just going through a rough patch. I know it will all be fine. I still absolutely love it here and I still can't imaging being anywhere else!
Lots of love,
Sister Gehring
Francistown Zone Conference

Francistown Zone Conference

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