Monday, November 25, 2013

Miracles in Mafikeng

Hey Family!
Well I'm in South Africa finally!!! Its soooooooo different here but so far I love it a lot. The people are different, the area is different, the weather is different, the work is different, but its all fantastic. Honestly I sometimes feel like I'm in a different mission all together but its ok because I know this is where I am supposed to be.

I guess I explain a little about what makes it different. For starters, the area we are working is different. I'm used to serving in village like places with a lot of small houses, a lot of animals roaming the streets, lots of dirt roads, things like that. Well my area now consists of HUGE houses with pools and fancy cars, big gates with electric fences, more grass than I've seen since coming to Africa and way more diversity. I used to just meet Motswana people for the most part but now I'm meeting people from all over the world! The weather is a lot cooler here. Its still summer but its not nearly as hot. The work is a lot slower mainly because we are starting from scratch so we just meet with members and tract pretty much all day long. But like I said, its fantastic. I also love my companions. I'm in a threesome with Sister Gillis and Sister Clifford. They are both so great. We get along really well and we already have been able to teach really well together. We will probably be together for quite a while so I'm glad we are together. The Elders we are serving with are incredible too. They are taking such good care of us. They are so good about making sure we are safe and we are doing ok. Last week they drove down every single street in our area and prayed about them individually to determine of they were safe for us to go on. They are just treating us so well and we really appreciate it.

The thing that has made Mafikeng so wonderful though is all the miracles we have experienced. We are opening the area which means we are pretty much going in blind. We had zero investigators and we started out knowing zero members and zero about the area. As you can imagine, its challenging. It requires you to trust the Lord completely, work hard, have a lot of faith, a lot of determination and a lot of desire to do what God wants. Luckily Sister Clifford and Sister Gillis and I all have the same goals and the same drive. So we sat down at the beginning of the week and set goals, made a plan and then prayed for the support, help, and guidance of Heavenly Father. Then we got to work. And so did Heavenly Father. We have been able to get into gates and homes that previous missionaries have previously been thrown out of. People have opened up to us and shared things with us that they have never shared with anyone else before. We have found people who have been so prepared for the gospel. The Abrahams(senior couple) have been angels to us. The Elders have been incredible. The members have been giving us referrals and being so supportive. I have been prompted to share scriptures and say things that were definitely not me, but were absolutely from the Holy Ghost. Everything has just been going so well. Its just been literally miraculous. It just goes to show that Heavenly Father really is in charge. This is his work. And he is going to help us when we work hard.

My favorite scripture this week is John 15:12-15. Especially verse 15. It showed me that I should not be doing this work out of an obligation to serve. But out of a true love for Christ because He is my friend.

I have a special request this week too. You always tell me that I am in your prayers. I appreciate that more than you can imagine. But will you also pray for a couple things too? Will you pray that my companions and I will be able to find father- led families to teach? And will you also pray for the people in Mafikeng? The members to be strengthened and the non-members to be softened and prepared? We need as much help as we can get and I know your prayers will help. Thanks so so much.

I love you!! LOTS!

Love, Sister Gehring

p.s.Funny story: We live in a bright purple cottage. Ill send pictures next week.

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