Monday, August 5, 2013

Walking in Sunlight

Dumela everyone!
So you know the song Walking in Sunlight? It was on the EFY cd from the year I went. So 2010 I think. Well that song is our go-to happy song. Whenever something really great happens and we are just in a really fantastic mood and we feel like singing, this is the song we play. This week we played that song a LOT. That describes this week pretty well. And it wasn't even like we had a whole lot of overly-fabulous things happened, but we just had a lot of small happy uplifting moments. So I'd say this was definitely a great week.

There were three people in particular that we taught that put us in our "Walking in Sunlight" mood. The first one was Ishmael Adam. He's a man we have been teaching even since I got here in Monarch. He's just got this quiet powerful spirit to him. I can't really describe it. You can just see how the gospel has changed him. This week he even told us that he feels like a different person and he has this thing in his heart that makes him happy whenever he thinks about the gospel. We explained that that was the Holy Ghost and he asked us if there was any way he could have that feeling all the time. When we told him about the Gift of the Holy Ghost he was so excited. He is getting baptized on the 31st of this month.

The other man was Godfree. He had been taught by the missionaries three years ago but they dropped him cause he wasn't committed. Since they stopped visiting, he has been going to church every week with his wife (who is a member). We didn't realize he wasn't a member till last week when he asked if he could be baptized. (Same guy I told you about last week) Well we taught him this week and he is golden. The past three years have completely prepared him to be taught again. He already has a testimony about the Book of Mormon and the Church and everything. He just needs to go through the lessons. He's getting baptized on the 31st of this month also.

The third person is a little 8 year old girl named Morati. She stays in Phase 6 which is an area we work in a lot, so she's seen us around. A few weeks ago she stopped us and asked "Are you preaching the word of God?" She is just so cute and innocent. We told her yes and she asked if she could visit us at our church. We told her of course, gave her directions and told her to bring her whole family (honestly not thinking anything would come of it). Well since then we have seen her around a few more times and every time she tells us that she is trying to get her family to come to church but they won't. She was so upset about it. We saw her again this Saturday and she told us that if her family still wouldn't come she would come by herself. Well when we got to church the next day... There she was! Morati came to church! All by herself! She kept telling us how much she loved it and how happy she was. She told us that she was going to come every week now and I believe it. That little girl has more conviction than a lot of the people we meet. It is incredible. We got her plot number so we are going to visit her whole family this week. We'll see how it goes!

So those were just a few of the happy mood makers for this week. There were a lot of others but those were the big ones. There were a lot of funny moments this week too but all of a sudden I'm blanking on all of them... Sorry about that. I'll have to write them down next time...

A fun things though this week was that we got to do some walking!!! I love walking but normally we aren't allowed. We are supposed to stay within sight of our car at all times just so we are safe. But this week we got permission to walk! Just for a couple hours but it was still way fun.
Another fun moment was our Happy-4-month-movie-party! Last night Sister Wiscombe and Sister Viki came over and we watched a movie! We watched Pass to Zarahemla or something like that. It was supper cheesy and kind of weird but it was fun to hang out with them to celebrate Sister Graves, Sister Nyambita, and my 4 month mark. I can't believe its already been that long! I guess its really not. I still have 14 to go but still. Time is flying! Fast! Sometimes I miss Botswana already. I know that sounds weird. But I think about the fact that eventually I'm going to have to leave and it makes me really sad. I know I'm still pretty fresh on mission and I have a long ways to go but I already don't want this time to end. The thought of it makes me feel sick... I'm glad I still have a long time left.

My favorite scripture of the week was Alma 58: 10-11. It just shows that Heavenly Father doesn't always answer prayers the way we necessarily want. Sometimes the answer is going to be that we just need to calm down and trust that God is going to make things ok.

Well I love you lotsa! Take care.

Love as always,
Sister Gehring
Happy 4 months!
Movie party with Sister Wiscombe and Sister Vuki.
Walking day! Despite my facial expression I really did enjoy it quite a lot!
More from our walking day. It was super duper mooper smooper windy. Also the background is pretty much what all of Botswana looks like. So if I ever mention "the bush" it basically means the wilderness. And this is what it looks like. Lots of it. This is Botswana.

This is a normal sight here. I'm convinced Ill be able to do this by the time I go home.

My companion Sister Nyambita getting her hair braided.

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  1. Hi Chelsea,

    We had your Dad over last night and noticed today that he put your blog on our desktop! We are so glad he did. I spent the last half hour catching up on how things are going for you. Thank you for taking the time to blog! Looking forward to more posts. Arpad wants you to bring back a pet baboon for him.

    The Morelands