Monday, April 22, 2013

Some bonus letter!

We get extra time to email today cause one of the sisters here is having some problems so we are stuck inside. So here's some bonus letter! I can't get pictures to load so I'll try again next week.

I'm just going to list cause its easier.. Here goes..
They dont refridgerate their eggs or milk here. They radiate them or something like that so they dont need to be refridgerated. Weird.
Its kind of cold here! I was not expecting it! I have to wear a sweater in the evenings!
We almost never have dinner appointments. The members just don't feed the missionaries. Luckily the Elders in our district are not ok with that either so the new district is trying to organize a calendar. The only Botswanan food I've had so far is fat cakes. Its like a fried scone. So delicious.
While we were tracting the other day a woman who was very grateful to have been found gave Sister Anderson and I African names. Mine is Mpho. It means a gift from the heavens. Sister Anderson's is Masego. It means always giving.
The G's are pronounced like H's here and all the R's are rolled. So Gaborone is pronounced Haboronie. That means most people here pronounce my name Sister Hering with a rolled R. Its kind of great actually.
I don't know if I mentioned this but Dumela is just like the universal greeting. I say it ALL the time.

Ok now some cool things I realized while I've been on mission. (you don't say my mission or the mission or anything here. You just say on mission. kind of like you'd say I was on vacation. Does that make sense?)
First thing. Last fast Sunday I was fasting that I'd be able to fulfull my calling as a missionary from day 1 and that as soon as I was out in the field, I'd be able to do the work. While I was bearing my testimony in Church (this was in the MTC) This came out and I know that it wasn't from me.--- I was not called to Africa because I have a love for it already. The Lord has been preparing me from the time I was very young to serve this exact mission. I have a love for Africa because I was pre-destined to come here on mission. Thats why I've loved Africa my whole life. So I could come here and serve God's children in Africa. As soon as I said it I knew it was true and I knew that Heavenly Father had blessed me to realize it.

Second cool thing which was also not something I just came up with on my own. I realized it while watching a video about how the church was started in Africa--- The reason Africa has had so many problems over the years is that Satan is concentrating special effort here. He knows what incredeible potential for greatness and strength the people here have and he does not want their strength unleashed. But this is Africa's time. Satan can't hold them back any longer. I know this with all my heart. Now that I'm here, and even though I've only been here a week, I can see it. The people here are so happy. They have nothing but they are the happiest people I've ever seen. I feel blessed to be in their presence.

Once again, Lots of love from Botswana!
Sister Gehring

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  1. It's good to hear from you so frequently and in so much detail. When I was your age, I had LDS friends go on missions and were not allowed to contact even their families. I guess times have changed, and it's good you have this blog.