Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More emails from Sister Reber

April 9, 2013
In South Africa, there are many wonderful fruits.  One is the Granadilla.  We have granadilla juice at the MTC....complete with little black seeds.  Last night I brought several granadilla to show the Americans.  The Africans already know the fruit and were able to show the Americans how to eat it.

It is a good fruit, if you can get past eating the seeds.  Everyone had a taste and there were positive comments.

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

April 10, 2013
Yesterday was our day to go to the Johannesburg Temple.  Sister Nyambita and Sister Jaker received their endowment.

We asked a man to take our group photo and he cut off the heads of the Elders who are standing on the I got out of the picture and I took the photo and managed to get everyone in.
The photo of the arches was taken after the two Sisters went inside the Temple.

It was a wonderful day and a real bonding time for all of us.

Best wishes,
Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

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