Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello again!

Dear Family,
Well I just talked to you last night so I don't really have too much to say... But It really was so good to talk to you! If I already have a funny accent I wonder what I'll be like in 5 months.

I guess for the benefit of those I didn't get a chance to talk to I'll tell you about a couple of the cool things from the week. First of all, John again! He's been out of town so we haven't actually taught him but a miracle happened with his family! We found out that his wife and two kids (who stay about 5 hours north of Lusaka) have been taking lessons from the missionaries up there! We didn't refer them and neither did John. God just really wants this family to be baptized apparently! Its amazing how the Lord makes things happen.

Another miracle came on Wednesday. Wednesday was a pretty hard day for a few different reasons. I prayed a LOT that day but it felt like not much was happening. When we got home that night I was reading in the October 2012 conference Liahona. I read the talk called '' Consider The Blessings'' by Thomas S. Monson. It brought so much comfort that the Lord really is aware of me despite hard trials. The Prophet truly is the mouthpiece of God sent here to guide and direct us.

Sorry that this email is so short! But I love you all so much and I'll talk to you next week. Thanks for being the best!

 Love, Sister Gehring
Melting butter over a candle because the power was out yet again. (Don't mind my Hermione hair. I'd just taken braids out)

Lusaka West Zone! (Minus a couple Elders who werent there).

Elder Packer, Sister Vea, Me, Elder Barnard. They are the the APs.

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