Monday, May 26, 2014

Blinging people unto Christ

Dearest Family,

Here is the embarrassing moment from this week. Once upon a time a General Authority came to the mission to have a meeting with all the missionaries. I was asked to give the opening prayer. In that prayer I asked Heavenly Father to ''assist us as a mission to bling more people unto Christ.'' Not bring... BLING! This is becoming a serious plobrem. Don't worry, my companion is still laughing about it.

Its ok though, the meeting was powerful! It was with Kevin S. Hamilton of the 70. He gave us a lot of really helpful council about hastening the work. We talked a lot about the Atonement and how really understanding it will help us understand our purpose. And how helping others understand it will help them keep commitments. I learned a lot so I am really grateful we had it.

The work is coming along ok. What Zach said is true.  There sure are a lot of roller coasters in this work. We just keep praying that we will find more people to teach. We did have one person come to church this week so that was good. Her name is Salome. She's 17 and she has a lot of potential. She accepted a baptismal date for the end of June so hopefully she makes it!

The other news of the week is that Sister Vea might be transferred. I'm pretty sad about it. I love her a lot and we get along really well. We aren't completely sure but we think she might be going to Malawi. But we should find out for sure this week.

I think one of my favorite moments of the week was yesterday. The Lyles (the other senior couple we live next to) invited us over for Sunday dinner. It was awesome. Elder Lyle had so many good stories! Stories about times he's met the prophet and other apostles, hilarious stories from when he was the bishop of a YSA ward, stories about his grandkids. It was so great. I probably could have stayed there for 12 hours and never get bored!

My favorite thing he told us was about how the Atonement relates to nature. We know that when Christ was crucified, the entire face of the earth was changed, right? Well he told us that that is why it feels so wonderful to see the beauty of nature! He told us to think of a time we have been on the top of a mountain or overlooking the grand canyon or rowing down a huge river. He asked us how we felt. Not what it looked like but how we felt. He said the reason we feel like that is because most the wonders and beauty of the world were created in that moment when the face of the earth changed. The moment the Atonement happened. Its the same feeling we can get when we walk onto Temple Square, or when we take the sacrament. The Atonement really does apply to everything and it really does tie everything together. Amazing huh?

My favorite scripture this week was 1 Nephi 7:17. Notice what Nephi prays for. It shows a lot of faith.

Well I love you all so much and I hope the week is fantastic!

Lots of love, Sister Gehring

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