Monday, May 20, 2013

You know you're a Missionary when...

Well hello again!
 I’d like to start off by sharing this list that my companion and I have been working on.
"You know you're a missionary when..."

You know you’re  a missionary when....
-going to the salon consists of your companion and a pair of kitchen scissors 
-the only free day you have you want to stay in bed all day and read the Book of Mormon
-when someone talks about riding in the same car as a male, it makes you feel uncomfortable
-your worst nightmare you have had is being sent home early from mission
-you and your companion jam out to Child’s Prayer in the car and you think you're cool
-you either spend all your time laughing or crying, there is no in between emotion
-you burn a batch of cookies because you were praying for too long
-you can't imagine a life after this, because there isn't one
 That pretty much sums up missionary work. It’s the best. I love it quite a lot. This week has been another great one! There were three pretty big noteworthy things that happened.

1. Lenah got baptized!!!! WOO! She's one who has been taking the lessons since Sister Anderson was first here. She is so strong. And the baptism was so incredible. Patricia (who was baptized last month) spoke and she did such a great job. It’s so cool to see how just a month as a member has helped her grow so much. But most importantly, Lenah was just glowing. One of the other missionaries saw her right as she was coming out of the bathroom from changing into her dry clothes and he said "Gotta love that after-baptism grin"  It’s so true! There really isn't anything better. 

 2. Nanky. There is a woman named Nanky who has a reputation with us for cancelling all her appointments. Sister Anderson hasn't even ever been able to teach her and she's been here for 6 weeks longer than me. This week we had an appointment set with her and we had decided that if she canceled again, we were going to have to drop her. To our surprise though, we got to her house and she was actually there! So we start teaching her the restoration again cause it’s been so long since the missionaries have seen her and she is responding like she already knows it’s all true! We were surprised but figured she had prayed about it last time and had just forgotten or something. So we finish the lesson and invite her to church. This was how the conversation basically went.
us: "Will you attend church with us this Sunday?"
Nanky: "Oh I already go to church."
us: "Oh that is wonderful! Our church meets at 9 am. Do you think you would have time to visit us before your church starts?"
Nanky:"I know. I go to your church."
us: "You go to our church?? The one right here in village? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints??"
Nanky: "Yes. The other missionaries invited me to go and I have been going every week since they were here."
us: "How long ago was that??"
Nanky: "Almost 3 months now."
 WHAT??? Oh man we felt so bad! This woman had been attending church for 3 months on her own and nobody even knew!!!! She cancelled all the time cause she legitimately was busy. And we were about to drop her! She’s now on date to be baptized in June. It’s crazy!!! I am so glad we didn’t give up on her

3. Barati. So I've mentioned Barati before I'm sure. She is pretty much wonderful. This week we had another lesson with her. Once again she just loved everything we taught. She is so excited for her baptism in June. But as we were leaving she asked us if she could come teaching with us. She isn’t even a member and she wants to help spread the gospel! It was so sweet. We aren't allowed to bring her around with us in our car but next time we see her we are going to set up a time for to come around with us just walking. She said "I want to help you people go and teach people like me. I want them to know the word of God too" It seriously made us so happy. I always leaver her house with this great joy.

Well those were the highlights this week! Some other fun things were that my companion and gave each other haircuts, we taught a lesson where a child kept biting our legs, I keep having dreams that my limbs are being cut off and/or I am being chased my scary people, I had my first traditional African food, we defrosted the freezer at the chapel and made a snowman from all the ice, aaaaand I still really love my companion! 
 Well I love you all so much and I'll talk to you next week!
 Love, Sister Chelsea Gehring
Lenah's baptism.

Me studying by candlelight because our power was out (again).

My first district.

My zone.

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