Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello again!
Well to start off, I'll just say that I really don't have much to report on again this week. I got sick again. Seriously, its a wonder Africa hasn't killed me. Thursday afternoon I got a horrible headache and I got super dizzy and I felt a little bit like I got hit by a bus. This lasted the rest of the day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It wasn't too much fun. I just stayed in bed and slept and read Liahona articles. But I woke up Sunday morning feeling a lot better. Which was good. I hate feeling so gross.

The beginning part of the week was ok though. Not too eventful. Just did more and more tracting. We did find a really cool guy though. His name is Oswald. He is from India but he is Catholic. He let us right in and let us teach him! He told us all about his family. He is a really neat man. But he talked a lot so we ended up having to rush out really fast after the lesson so we forgot to make a return appointment or even take down his phone number! We were trying to figure out how/when we would contact him again but it turns out we didn't have to... he came to church! It was awesome! He loved it and said he'd be there next week too! And we made sure to set an appointment with him and get his number before he left. So we are excited to see where he goes.

We got to go to dinner at the Sunsawila's (not sure how to spell it...) house on tuesday! Brother Sunsawilla was just released as the branch president and Elder Allred was transferred (which was very sad) so as a goodbye, they invited all the missionaries over! So that was pretty great. I'm going to miss African food so much.

Well, thats about all there is to report on this week. Sorry I'm so boring!  Next week hopefully I'll have more to talk about. 

I love you lots and lots! 

Love, Sister Gehring

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