Monday, March 17, 2014

exchanges, meals, and the spirit

Dumela once again!

I have been pretty good at saying muli bwanji when I talk to people here but for some reason this week, dumela kept coming out! I guess that makes sense after saying dumela to so many people every day for 9 months. 

This week went by surprisingly fast. Weeks have been dragging on lately but this week went by fast! But on the other hand, looking back, the beginning of the week feels like eons ago. So goes mission I guess. Time is just so warped. 
I think the reason it went quickly is because we went on exchanges twice this week. So Sister Vea is the sister training leader. which means that every transfer she goes on exchanges with each of the companionships just so we have the chance to learn from other missionaries. So on Wednesday I went to a different area and worked with a different sister. Then on Friday I worked in our area but sister Rakotonindriana came with me instead of Sister Vea. Its cool to be able to see how other missionaries do things. I always learn a lot. 

Another reason it went fast was because we actually got fed this week! I haven't been fed my members since we got here but this week we got fed twice! The Relief society president brought us to her house on saturday morning and made us a full blown out breakfast. Im talking bacon, eggs, porridge, juice, tea, cereal, fruit... pretty much just anything you would ever want for breakfast. It was so yummy. And its definitely the best breakfast Ive had for almost a year. Normally we just eat cereal or toast for breakfast. And then we were able to help her out with a few things she's been struggling with in relief society.

Then another day one of the members of the branch presidency had us over for dinner. It was cool to get to know him and his wife a little bit. Members here always have the coolest stories! And we found out that Brother Shambana (the member of the presidency) and I were baptized just a few days apart! But I was 8 and he was in high school. 

A few funny things happened this week, too. People have started selling these things here called Freezits. They are little ice pop things. They sell them for super cheap just on the streets. Well when people write the signs to advertise them, sometimes they put an unfortunately placed space in the word. So a lot of the time they are trying to get me to come get free zits. "Eew, no one would buy it!" (Emma, name that movie!) Yea. Its super funny and pretty gross. 

Another funny thing that happened was while we were teaching Matilda, Yvette, and Nancy. (The 3 little girls) All of a sudden Nancy, the youngest, started cracking up. Ive never seen her laugh so hard. We asked her what was so funny she held up a little scrap of paper that she'd found on the ground and said "This is the spirit! The spirit is with us!" then she started laughing again. Maybe you would have had to be there but it was so funny! 

I also have some really sad news. Remember Gao? From Botswana? She was the first baptism I had. Well I found out this week that she died. I have no idea how or what happened. But if you could keep her family in your prayers I know it would be appreciated. 
Well I hope you all have a good week. I love you! Talk to you next week!

Love, Sister Gehring
Me and Sister Rakotonindriana. She made the most delicious fried bananas I have ever eaten. 

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