Monday, February 17, 2014

The best kind of tired!

Hello once again!

So you always hear about how missionary work is tiring right? Well I don't think I really understood that till this week. I get home every night and just crash. I really don't think I have ever been this tired in my life. There have been times when I stay up too late and I am tired the next day but this is different. Its just a 24/7 exhaustion. But somehow, I still feel great and happy! It makes no sense! In fact, the tiredness almost feels good. It feels like the tired after a day of hard work. And I every day I see the blessings of it. 

For example, Michelo and George are still doing great! We taught them a couple times this week. When we talked about Joseph Smith, George wasn't able to be there, though. We were a bit bummed about that but we challenged Micchelo to teach him what she had learned. And she did! Pretty much perectly! It was amazing! She just goes above and beyond any assignment we give her. I seriously don't know if its possible for someone to have a more prepared heart! We are going to invite them to be baptized next time we see them. Pray it goes well!

Another miracle this week was John. As we were leaving Michelo and George's house on Sunday a man stopped us. He said he'd seen our nametags while we were walking to the house and he wanted to know who we were but he didn't say anything. So when he saw us come out he decided to stop us. He told us that he'd been searching for the truth and something inside him told him that we might have it. Then he told us that as soon as he started talking to us he sould tell that there was something unique about us. Once again, I don't know what will come of it but I pray we are able to help him find the truth!

We had a few really funny moments this week too. As we were walking to a lesson one day we could hear a guy behind us start to yell "Madame! Madame!" (thats what people call us a lot) His speech was kind of slurred so we thought he was drunk so we just ignored him. Then he started walking faster to catch up. Still yelling "Madame! Wait! Madame" We kept ignoring him because usually drunk men=trouble. But he caught up pretty quickly so we turned around to see what he wanted. In his hands was this dirty, nastly looking turtle. "Madame!! I am selling this turtle! I know you need a turtle! Madame! Please buy this turtle!" We politely declined the offer while holding back laughter. We are pretty sure he just found that on the side of the road and he wanted to make a little extra money. It was a lovely experience.

Here's another funny. We were walking home at the end of the day and we were both really tired. But as we walked by a house I felt like we needed to knock. I have learned to never ignore promptings so we knocked. Well we rang the call box on the outside of the gate actually. We couldnt even see the house. There was no answer so we started to walk away. Right as we did the gate opened! An older man was walking towards us with this look of complete confusion on his face. We said hello but before we even had a chance to introduce ourselves he just said "...ok..." and shut the gate. It was just so funny! I am probably not describing it very well and maybe you had to have been there but I promise, it was funny. We figured Heavenly Father knew that we had a long day so He gave me that prompting so we could have a good laugh

This week there was also a HUGE rain storm. Which normally is fine! But as you know, we are walking. Which made things interesting. Lets just say that we walked through streets that had turned into rivers, there was so much rain our umbrellas leaked, and I was drenched to the bone. It definitely made for an adventure! Luckily I love the rain.

So they say that if you tell people the goals you are more likely to accomplish them. So here are the goals I made this week. I decided that I want to finish the entire standard works by the time I finish mission. I have already finished the Book of Mormon, the New Testament and the Pearl of Great Price. But I also want to read the Book of Mormon again before my year mark on 4 April. So I figured out that I need to read 11 pages in the Book of Mormon every day, 2 pages in the Doctrine and Covenants every day , and 6 pages of the Old Testament every day. I have been doing it since Wednesday and so far its going well. I am loving it!

My favorite scripture this week was Helaman 5:30. Something fell through so we decided to check on a less active woman who lived in the area who is really hard to get ahold of. She was home! We hadn't planned to see her so we didn't have a lesson planned. So we decided to just share a scripture. I flipped through the Book of Mormon and felt like this scripture would be good for her. The lesson went really well and she told us that the scripture had really helped her with something she was struggling with. After we left Sister Vea told me that the same exact scripture had come into her head. Cool stuff.

Oh and by the way, Last week I sent you 1 Timothy 1:5. Which is also a good scripture. But I meant 2 Timothy 1:5. That's the one that has our family in it!

Well I love you and I hope you have a great week! Remember- The Church is true!!!

Love, Sister Gehring

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