Monday, October 14, 2013

Heat, Heat, and more Heat!

Dear family,


Mom you asked me last week how hot it is. Well, here's how hot it is: It was about 105- 110 every single day this week. It was so hot that the fluids in our car literally boiled. It is so hot that people have been wearing progressively fewer clothes... Its hot. And its the beginning of summer...


Well this week was pretty uneventful in terms of the actual work. We dropped even more people and we did a ton of finding. We did find some really promising people though! A few families and a few single women and some young adults. Its too early to tell if they will progress but I have high hopes. Especially for one girl names Isabella. She is 19 and she is just hungry for the gospel. She even came to church a day after we met her which is a definite sign of great potential.


The hardest thing we are dealing with recently is people who are strong in their own church. We have a few people we are teaching that love the gospel and love the Book of Mormon, but won't do anything about it because they have been going to their church their whole lives. I completely understand! I think it would be so hard to change from something that's been such a huge part of your life for so long. But I just wish I knew how to help them realize how much better their lives would be in this church. But we will keep working on it. The spirit can do incredible things.


A few funny/ not so funny things happened this week too.

1. When they were about to start church yesterday the 1st counselor in the group presidency came up to me and sister Scott and said " You are both speaking in sacrament meeting today. Sorry we forgot to tell you" Yea. It was nice. Luckily we were both able to whip out some decent talks. I spoke about receiving answers to prayers Not the best one I've ever given but I honestly don't know if anyone knew any different.


2. Our power has been out so its been an oven in our flat. We opened the windows to let in a breeze on Saturday night. But too bad it also let in like a million bugs. I woke up with over 70 bites all over my arms and legs. We slept at the other sister's flat last night so as to save my life... I love missionary work!


Well my favorite scripture of the week was Alma 37: 11. It shows me that even if I don't know everything, its ok. I just need to forebear and things will work out.


I love you all so much. Take care and keep me updated on exciting events for the week!!



Sister Gehring 


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